Ayushi + Jason Maiyan

Ayushi and Jason live down the street from one another so we were able to go from house to house and capture their Maiyan ceremony, which is a traditional turmeric application ritual that they do 1-2 days before the start of the wedding.

In front of the bride and groom is a rangoli, which is a design usually made of rice and can be very ornate or unique to the personality of the person getting married. Since Jason likes the Lakers basketball team, his rangoli was the Lakers logo.

What we like to do is get lots of action shots to get these really fun expressions. If the entire event is slow and no one really does anything, then the expressions will be pretty predictable and boring, so the trick is to get the action going by rooting for people applying the yellow paste to get a little crazy with it!

This post shows the flow of what we like to capture starting with the details, then the portraits, etc. We hope you enjoy!

Wedding Documentary