Flora + Venkat | Fusion Wedding Bann at Oak Knoll Napa

This was a very fun fusion Chinese/South Indian wedding at Bann at Oak Knoll Napa that we had the pleasure of photographing and filming.

This intimate property is perfect for weddings because it has a really nice spot for a shaded ceremony and a beautiful bridal suite and super easy to access vineyards for photos.

The couple started the day with a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. This is how elders bless the couple and give them a monetary gift in an auspicious red envelope. For this portion, the bride wore a traditional dress, which was awesome, because it was a nice contrast from her next dress which was a traditional South Indian bridal saree!

We love capturing fusion weddings because they are truly unique. No two are alike, and the photos will be a legacy in the family of what two people made all the future generations. I can only imagine the grandchildren and great grandchildren of this couple highly regard these photos as a historical testament to their upbringing. Being fusion myself of American and Indian I can relate to fusion weddings a lot!

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