Anchal Mehndi

Anchal’s Mehndi was one of the first events we shot during the Pandemic. Covid 19 hit just as the 2020 wedding season was about to kick off. All the Spring events were canceled because Covid was so new and every event was just completely canceled. Couples either had to reschedule or choose to do very small, low-key home events.

Fortunately, Anchal decided to hold very intimate events at home in the summer of 2020. This way she could have her close family and friends there and have guests from abroad watch and participate online.

The Mehndi was done with extreme social distancing, masking, and even a face shield for the bride. At this time, we had no vaccine and didn’t know how long our lives would be like this.

It was perfect California summer weather and the Mehndi application took place outside. Once the Mehndi was completed we took the bride to the park nearby and got these amazing photos with the sunset. The beautiful soft wrap-around light was achieved using a very large softbox to get this beautiful gradual soft light to fall off. I love using these softboxes for events even though they are not practical because they are so large.

Anchal is a dancer so she made this shoot so much fun with all her poses! Enjoy the set of images below!

Wedding Documentary