Srishti + Justin Reception | Mirage Sacramento, CA

Srishti and Justin had an awesome reception at Mirage Banquet Hall in Sacramento the day after their wedding!

We arrived early to get all the amazing decor shots and then the couple arrived for their photo shoot before all the guests so we could use the ballroom for their photos. I highly recommend all couples do this so they can get photos in the room before guests arrive.

Once the party started it was non-stop fun, dancing, speeches, cake, and more partying!

We like Mirage because they make great food, they have a good size ballroom with lots of parking, and security guards to make sure nothing goes wrong in the parking lot. They also have a built-in sound system with a ton of bass. It is one of those venues where our earplugs don’t even feel like we are wearing them because it gets so loud!

All in all, this was a really amazing Indo-Fijian wedding that we will never forget!

Wedding Documentary