Aashima + Chirag | Hindu Wedding in Saratoga and Fairmont San Jose

As one could see from the Sangeet photos and wedding highlights film, Aashima and Chirag had some amazing events this summer! The wedding ceremony which we are sharing here took place at the bride’s home in Saratoga and then their reception took place at Fairmont San Jose.

We loved shooting all of Ashima’s details including her jewelry, lehengha,¬†and shoes while she got her hair and makeup done by the fabulous Christal. Once her hair and makeup was done we got some nice photos of her on the couch prior to her putting on her dress.

The groom got ready at the hotel and arrived to see his bride for the very first time for their “first look”. We quickly snapped a few shots before he headed out down the street for the Baraat procession. As much as I wanted to fly our quadcopter over the Baraat, there was too many trees that I could not so instead concentrated mostly on creating some really cool photos with off camera flash while Chirag was on the horse.

Aashima’s backyard was such a great spot to have a wedding and it made the ceremony so much more personal. They had very nice decorations throughout that changed from day to day and was really fun to shoot there the entire weekend. Once the ceremony was over the bride and groom did the Doli and left in a limo to go to the Fairmont for the reception. It was there we continued our film editing and shooting of all the detail shots so we could include them in our same day edit.

Meanwhile the same day we had another wedding on the same day, also at Fairmont so our team was literally shooting in two ballrooms side to side and we were doing a same day edit for their wedding too! So this was a once in a lifetime thing where we had two weddings in one day at the same location with both of them having a same day edit! Talk about stressful! But when I saw the faces of all the family members watching the same day edits, it made it all worth it! DJ Bitzy and his team Toofan Sounds made everything seamless for us!

The reception for Aashima and Chirag was a blast! They had a white dance floor with LED lights and had an amazing dinner, dessert table, and even toothbrushes as party favors! Very clever for two dentists to put the toothbrushes and floss right next to the dessert table!

The party went on well into the night and we had so much fun capturing these memories for them. Scroll down to see some of our favorite shots!

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