Aeshna + Beejal | Sangeet Night

Aeshna + Beejal had a really fun Sangeet night the day before their wedding. We started the event with photos of the bride and groom and their family photos. The program started and there were a ton of performances, speeches, skits, and songs. Everyone was smiling ear to ear and the evening ended with a dinner by Milan and open dancing.

Scroll down to check out some of our favorites from the event!

Indian_Sangeet_San Jose_Four_Points_Sheraton_0001Indian_Sangeet_San Jose_Four_Points_Sheraton_0002.jpg
Indian_Sangeet_San Jose_Four_Points_Sheraton_0003.jpg
Indian_Sangeet_San Jose_Four_Points_Sheraton_0005.jpg
Indian_Sangeet_San Jose_Four_Points_Sheraton_0004.jpg
Indian_Sangeet_San Jose_Four_Points_Sheraton_0006.jpg
Indian_Sangeet_San Jose_Four_Points_Sheraton_0008.jpg
Indian_Sangeet_San Jose_Four_Points_Sheraton_0009.jpg
Indian_Sangeet_San Jose_Four_Points_Sheraton_0007.jpg

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