Amreet’s Maiyan & Choora Ceremony

Amreet planned an amazing wedding week and is one of our all time favorite brides because she loves taking photos! We had so much together for over 35 hours of coverage! It was totally awesome!

Her Maiyan and Choora ceremony took place at home in Foster City, CA. We shot a ton of portraits while we waited guests to arrive and her red dress was gorgeous! Amreet has this natural beauty and ability to pose that we can just flow and work off each other to get all these amazing shots! It all comes super natural!

The Maiyan ceremony was in a very tight corner under a tent that was in the backyard so we had to work within limited space but that coziness sort of adds to the love that her and her family have for one another. Once the bride showered and changed, the Choora ceremony took place in her living room where we had more room to work and that is where we ended the event once her choora were placed on her and her Kalire were also attached.

Stay tuned to our blog for more photos of this amazing Sikh wedding and if you are looking for an expert Sikh wedding photographer and videographer, then give Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema a call!

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