Anchal’s Haldi & Choora Ceremony

We are back with another event from this lovely three-day wedding right here in San Jose that took place during October. Technically we were not as “locked down” during this period, but it was surely a time of taking great precautions, always wearing masks, and distancing as much as possible!

For this event, Anchal had the Haldi, or turmeric yellow paste applied to her, as is the tradition for the bride the day before the ceremony. After the Haldi ceremony, she got cleaned up and came outside for the Choora ceremony. During this ceremony, her uncles and aunts placed the bridal bangles on her, while her eyes were covered as to not see the bangles until they were fully on. It is always to shoot these events because the bride doesn’t even know what exactly happened until she sees the photographs!

At Wedding Documentary, we have a very diverse style! We capture great portraits, artistic candids, and modern artistic shots. That’s how we keep things fun and interesting. Whatever inspires us at the moment is how we adapt to our environment and capture great images!

This entire event only lasted three hours and we delivered hundreds of images! Time goes by really fast at these events and when you think it may just take 1-2 hours, always remember we need to capture storytelling shots before, as well as, portraits, and not just the part of the ceremony that only lasts less than one hour.

Hope this post helps!