Anjali + Sid | Sangeet Photos in Fairfield

We love photographing Sangeet nights for our Punjabi weddings! The night is usually full of colors, dancing, and just a ton of fun! For Anjali’s Sangeet there were quite a few events. The night started with the Haldi ceremony, in which yellow paste gets applied to her skin to make it glow on her wedding day. After Anjali showered and changed they did the Choora ceremony, where she gets the bangles she will wear on her wedding day. After that, there was Jago, where women from her family dance with the pots on their heads that are filled with water and candles. All of these ceremonies bring the bride and her family good luck and bless her for a happy married life.

We can’t get enough of all these beautiful colors! Huge shout out to Anjali’s siblings who are some of the nicest and helpful people ever! They made the wedding events go smoothly and since there was no official “wedding coordinator” their help was much appreciated.



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