Anna + Haris | Mehndi San Ramon Marriott

This was one of the most fun Pakistani Mehndi nights we have ever shot! This crowd was so energetic, so talented, and so animated, that we just could not get enough!

The event was held at the San Ramon Marriott, a very popular venue in the South Asian community for its newly remodeled ballroom, large foyer, and tons of available parking and central location in the Bay Area. Aestheika Events did all the decor and did an amazing job at making a festive and party-like atmosphere!

The “Mehndi Night” for Pakistani weddings, is similar to a “Sangeet Night” for Indian weddings in many ways. There are a couple of key differences that occur at a Pakistani Mehndi night that do not occur at an Indian Sangeet night, but the rest is the same, namely, the performances, skits, and songs.

For example, at a Pakistani/Muslim Mehndi night, the groom’s side makes their way to the hall as a procession (similar to a baraat) and is greeted by the bride’s family. Once they have entered the hall and had a chance to get comfortable the bride and groom do the “Mehndi ceremony” in which family members place a small amount of henna paste on the couple’s hands (usually on a beetle leaf). Guests also bless them with sweets and other gifts while guests watch, eat appetizers, and socialize.

Dinner is then served and the couple remains on the stage to take photos with all the invited guests. This process carries on for 1 or more hours while dinner is taking place until the performances are ready to begin.

At this event, they had well over twenty performances that were well-choreographed and rehearsed. It was really fun to capture them all on both photo and cinema! Everyone had a blast and we love capturing candid moments during this time.

Finally, the party concludes with an open dance floor and they had glow sticks for everyone to play with on the dance floor.

Enjoy a few of the images below and stay tuned for more events of this amazing couple right here on our blog!

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