Daljit + Charan | San Jose Gurudwara Wedding

Amritdhari Sikhs (those who have been baptized in the Amrit ceremony)  CharanKamal and Daljit’s wedding ceremony was held at the beautiful San Jose Gurudwara. Amritdhari Khalsa Sikhs, both men and women are encouraged to wear five articles of faith that include long hair (kesh), (kachera), sword (kirpan), comb in the hair and a wristlet (kara). CharanKamal and Daljit both wore blue color punjabi suits for their wedding ceremony. Royal or Navy Blue is the color of a warrior and of protection.The Anand Karaj wedding ceremony was performed with religious hymns playing in the background at the gurudwara.

Wedding ceremony concluded with dynamic sword fight and martial arts demonstration by and for the happy couple!

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