Deepa + Adrian | Fusion Wedding at Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay

Deepa + Adrian booked the gorgeous Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay for their fusion Hindu/American style wedding. They had an intimate ceremony that included relatives, friends, and colleagues and blended philosophies from both Indian and western cultures. Deepa wore a traditional Lengha while Adrian wore a suit with a neck tie to match Deepa’s outfit. Myrium, one of my all time favorite make up artists did an awesome job on Deepa’s bridal look. My favorite image is the shot of Adrian getting help from his two sons as he prepared for the ceremony. It is these candid moments that we absolutely love to capture and the main reason why we call our company Wedding Documentary!

What’s great about the Ritz Carlton in half Moon Bay are the spectacular views! There is simply no other hotel along this portion of the coast with such gorgeous panoramas of the Pacific Ocean. While many days can be foggy therefore covering the view, this day was clear and warm with blue skies! We could not get over how gorgeous the day was! The friendly coordinators took the couple and us around on a golf cart after the ceremony to get photos around the venue and down on the beach. What I did not expect was for Adrian to actually go IN the water with his suit on. I merely wanted them to walk near the water, but I think Adrian realized what a great photo opp this would be so he took it to the next level and went all in lifting up Deepa so she did not get wet. Everyone on the beach loved this, as well as, the wedding coordinator as well! Apparently not too many people actually go in and get wet in a nice suit!

Fortunately Adrian had a traditional Indian outfit to put on once his shoes and pants were soaked so we headed back to their suite where he could change before their reception lunch. A single large U shaped table brought everyone together and they enjoyed Indian cuisine, as well as, an ice cream bar for dessert. Smores were available for the kids and guests took photos with their backs overlooking the beautiful ocean.

We ended the day with the official signing of the marriage certificate and lots of hugs! Thanks again to Deepa and Adrian for having us there for these special moments in their life. We hope you enjoy these precious memories!



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