Dimple + Drew | Fusion Wedding at Casa Real Pleasanton

For the third and final day of Dimple and Drew’s events we came to one our favorite wedding venues, Casa Real at Ruby Hill in Pleasanton, CA.

We have been photographing weddings here since they opened and always love it! On this day, Dimple and Drew planned to have a western non-denominational ceremony that was officiated by Drew’s dad which was super cool and unique.

We love shooting Mehndi on a white dress so we spent a lot of time shooting their getting ready, lots of portraits, and using the venue to its fullest!

Although we prefer when the ceremony set up is on the other side by the fountain because the lighting is better on the couple, we did our best to work with the high contrast light and make it look as good as possible! The reason the couple chose this side was so that the guests would not have sun in their face which is considerate of them, but as one can see, if it is a sunny day, there are some really bright lighting and mixed lighting conditions we have to contend with, including the shadows from the string lights that are overhead this area of the venue.

After the ceremony was over, the couple changed and we did a sunset shoot before the reception! We had the most amazing sunset and it was magical!

The reception was a ton of fun because both families really know how to party! We had a great time working with them and cannot wait for more weddings in their family so we can do it all over again!

Wedding Documentary