Divya + Ryan | Indian Wedding at San Jose Fairmont

Aren’t Divya and Ryan just adorable! They are seriously one of the cutest couples we have ever met! Their two day celebration continued with their wedding and reception day that took place at the Fairmont San Jose!

We arrived at Divya’s room to start capturing her getting ready and also went to Ryan’s room to capture his prep. Once they were ready to go, our team coordinated via two way radios to set Ryan in place for the first look. Since we have done this venue so many times we knew the exact spots to place our couple for the perfect shots. Years of experimentation have allowed us to achieve the best results in the least amount of time.

The first look was awesome and we did a number of portraits before Ryan headed down to the Baraat.  We not only captured imagery from the ground, but also from the air using our DJI Inspire 1 drone. This awesome machine takes amazing photos and 4k videos and is a lot of fun to use during the Baraat.

The wedding was downstairs in the Club Regent room where a female priest conducted the ceremony. After the ceremony the couple changed and there was a cocktail hour upstairs in the foyer in front of the Regency Ballroom. We got a ton more shots of the couple before their grand entrance and these are some of my favorites since the couple is so photogenic.

The night included lots of performances, speeches, an excellent first dance, and of course, lots of partying! We hope you enjoy one of our favorite Indian weddings at the San Jose Fairmont!

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