Farzana + Dwayne | Muslim Wedding in Marina, CA

There is something very special about this couple! They are the perfect match! They both appreciate the arts, food, travel, and good company. They are the type who sincerely care about the world and want to help make it a better place. When it comes to photography, Dwayne knows his stuff. He is an avid photographer and knows what good photography is. Obviously being a photographer himself, choosing the right photographer to capture his day is an important decision and one that is quite difficult because he is so used to being the one who takes the photos. I was really happy when he contacted us to photograph his special events. I knew I would do a great job for him and loved the idea of spending a couple days with the couple at the beautiful Sanctuary Beach Resort in Marina, CA, right down the street from Monterey.

We started with the Sangeet the first day which you can see in our previous post. The wedding started with the bride and groom preps in two separate areas of the resort. I shot with bride, while Natalie covered the groom’s side. We met together for the first look which was an opportunity for the couple to have a few minutes alone together and also get their family photos done prior to the ceremony because it got colder and foggier as the day went on. Once everyone made their way down to the ceremony the Nikkah began, with the Imam reciting versus from the Holy Koran and explaining what marriage means according to the Muslim faith, which Dwayne had converted to that very morning.

After the ceremony guests lit sparklers and headed towards the main tent, supplied by Raj Tents, where a gorgeous reception awaited them. The evening was spectacular with amazing food, speeches, and dancing. Prior to our departure we took the couple out for a few shots that I absolutely love! Farzana’s corset was like nothing I had ever seen before and we left that night with some amazing memories and images! Scroll down to take a look!


Wedding Documentary