Taryn + Naj | Livermore Hindu Temple Wedding

This was a beautiful fusion wedding at the Livermore Hindu temple that we loved capturing!

Several years prior to this, we had shot Naj’s sister’s wedding at this same temple! We were so excited to come back for this wedding at it is always a blessing to be invited back by a family to capture another wedding for them!

It is also very cool to shoot fusion weddings like this because my mom is American and my dad is Indian so I always envision what it will be like for their kids to see these photos and see both of their cultures coming together.

We made the photos very colorful and vibrant even though we see trends of like vintage looking, muted, or very dark and moody styles emerging. We can do all that stuff too, but these colors are true to the day and what it was like being there!

Taryn and Naj are both sweethearts and very cool! We had such a great time with them and just love capturing weddings at the Livermore Hindu temple! We are on their preferred vendor list so get lots of calls for events there and it is always a pleasure!

Wedding Documentary