Guneet’s Ladies Sangeet | Bakersfield, CA

Guneet’s Jaago and Ladies Sangeet kicked off her wedding week down in Bakersfield, CA and it was so much fun! Her house had a huge backyard with a ton of space for a dance floor, stage, swing, a full buffet, and tables for all the guests!

We started the shoot with the bridal portraits, as she had just completed her Mehndi design. We used all the various spots inside and outside and did a mix of all types of lighting including shade, direct sun, off camera flash with a softbox and more!

All the while we also did video of everything and got drone shots of her set up as well! Once guests arrived it was all candid. Ladies did Boliyan on the stage and when it was time to do the Jaago, everyone went outside and gathered on the street and paraded down to the neighbours house where they danced there a while before heading back to the bride’s house where the dance party continued for the rest of the night!

We like shooting Punjabi weddings in Bakersfield and hope to come back soon so if you are getting married and are looking for an Indian wedding photographer and videographer, give Wedding Documentary a call! We would love to hear from you!

Hair and makeup by Varaich Vanity by Aman

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