Swetha + Ashu | Holi at Gardener Ranch Carmel Valley

The day after the wedding, usually guests wake up and there is a brunch or farewell lunch and the weekend is over. Swetha and Ashu had something entirely different in mind. They both love doing Holi, the game of throwing colored powder that is a popular game in India. For a fun event, Swetha and Ashu planned a Holi game that their friends and family could enjoy.

The lawn at Gardener Ranch was the perfect spot for Holi. Large pots of colored powder lined the lawn where everyone could grab handfuls and start throwing it on one another. Once the powder was thrown, the hoses came out, and the combination of colored powder and water made for some really cool tie-die patterns on both people’s clothes and skin.

Holi is amazing to photograph. The colors are so beautiful and expressions of the people playing it are so much fun to shoot! Unfortunately, it is super messy though and to protect the camera equipment we wrapped everything in saran wrap and taped it so almost no part of the camera was exposed except for the lens.

The drone was another great tool to capture Holi with. We flew above the crowd and got lots of beautiful aerial shots and even got everyone to throw powder directly up at the drone which was an amazing shot in their film.

At the end, everyone was covered from head to toe and I think you can very much think of this day as a “trash the dress” session to the extreme!