Sheela + Eric | Fusion Wedding at Gardener Ranch in Carmel Valley

Hopefully in our previous post you were able to watch Sheela and Eric’s stunning cinematic highlights film! Now here are their wedding images from Gardener Ranch in Carmel Valley!

As you can see we started this post off with an aerial shot with our quality camera drone. We are able to fly up to 400 feet where we can capture magical shots of the venue and surrounding mountains. We would have no other way to see this beautiful scenery without the drone because rolling hills and tress surrounded the venue. The bird’s eye view allows us to get up into the sky and offer a different perspective. You can also see what we were able to do with the drone for the Mandap shot. Rather than simply standing and getting the shot from the ground like most would normally do, we captured that same shot from the air, which really allows you to see more of the flowers and chairs to get a better perspective.

We started shooting very early in the morning and shot all of Sheela’s beautiful jewelry while also getting shots of her makeup getting done by M-Sutra bride. Once Sheela was ready we grabbed a few shots of her in her robe because at this point the makeup and hair is stunning and the lighting outside was amazing. It was the perfect combination for some very flattering shots of her in her silk robe.

Once she put on her bright colored Sari she was able to see Eric for their “first look”. Eric had an amazing reaction to seeing her dressed up as his soon to be bride and then he quickly went off to start his Baraat. The Baraat procession for American grooms is always a blast because they always have so much fun coming to the sound of music and drumming. Once Eric reached the Mandap Sheela came with the Jaimala (sacred garlands) and then they exchanged garlands while being lifted in the air by their family and friends. The bride will play games with the groom by trying to avoid getting the garlands placed on her for a little fun! I am not sure where this tradition started but I sort of think it was created for just fun photo ops!

The ceremony could have not been better for us to photograph! We had perfect soft lighting, a large amount of space to work including being able to go behind the Mandap. We also were able to get amazing closeups and of course, wonderful candids! The ceremony took over an hour and once all the rituals for the Hindu ceremony were complete both Sheela and Eric lit a unity candle, exchanged heartfelt vows, and then placed weddings bands on each other’s fingers.

At the end of the ceremony guests were invited for photos at the Mandap and lunch was served! The rest of the day was nice and mellow since the following day would be the reception. We loved every second of Sheela and Eric’s wedding at Gardener Ranch in Carmel Valley and hope you enjoy the images!