Divya + Ryan | Sangeet Night Photos at Fairmont San Jose

One of our all time favorite venues is Fairmont San Jose! I am not just saying that because we are on their preferred vendors list. I am saying it because you will not find a nicer hotel with better amenities, service, great photo spots, and perfect central location in San Jose!

We spent two days here for Divya and Ryan’s weddings in April. The first night was their Sangeet night and the next day was their wedding. The Sangeet was a ton of fun because it was a night of music and dance. The weather was gorgeous outside so we took our couple out for a ton of portraits. We had so much fun walking around and getting a variety of shots. Lots of candids and romantic moments. The lighting was perfect and was around the exact time I recommend taking outside portraits.

All the guests had a wonderful time performing for one another and being entertained with song, music, and dance. We had great food and ended the night with open dancing. Stay tuned for more of this beautiful wedding coming soon!

San Jose_Fairmont_Sangeet_Photos_0002.jpg
San Jose_Fairmont_Sangeet_Photos_0001.jpg
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