Radhika + Sameer | Intimate Hindu Wedding Modesto

Covid 19 really changed weddings in some positive and negative ways. Let’s start with the negatives. Wearing masks sucks for photos. Also, social distancing, limited guest counts, and the inability for older people or those with medical conditions to attend can make some weddings impossible to hold.

For others, Covid 19 allowed them to have a low-key wedding with limited guests in a more intimate setting with extremely close family and friends. Instead of spending thousands on food, venue, and everything else, they could better use that money for buying a house, saving for a rainy day, or possibly planning for a future reception at a later date.

We shot several of these weddings during the Pandemic and will blog about them here because although smaller, they were quite remarkable!

Radhika and Sameer’s wedding was one such awesome intimate wedding held at the bride’s home in Modesto, CA. The ceremony was held in the living room and after they held a small lunch. Prior to the wedding though, we got some amazing photos of Radhika getting ready and she looked absolutely gorgeous! We also captured Sameer getting ready at a nearby hotel and during this time of the Pandemic, it was customary to get some shots of the bride and groom wearing their masks, as most outfits came with a matching mask during this time.

So although the wedding was small, all the steps in a larger wedding were still taken. All the portraits, first look, couple shots, and family photos were all done and done in a very short amount of time, making our services an excellent value for our couples during the Pandemic. They even still did do a Baraat and a send-off for the couple after all the rituals were done.

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