Intimate Nikkah Ceremony

We had the pleasure of capturing this beautiful Pakistani couple’s Nikkah ceremony at their home during the Pandemic.

The women were in one room while the men were in the other room. The Imam recited verses from the Quran and then the family from the groom’s side asked the bride if she wanted to get married. Three times they asked and three times she said “yes”! That was it! Everyone rejoiced and hugged and the bride and groom were now husband and wife.

The backyard of their house had some really nice trees and beautiful light so we could do all the portraits there and didn’t have to go to another location. They had tables set up and a lunch buffet and everyone enjoyed a meal and congratulated the couple.

We like small intimate weddings as much as large ones. We got used to shooting several small events such as this and loved how the photos turned out regardless of the size of the event. We hope you enjoy scrolling through some of our favorites below!

Wedding Documentary