Jasmin’s Maiyan & Choora | Sacramento

The day before the Anand Karaj, Jasmin had her Maiyan, followed by Choora ceremony. We took some portraits while the famaily worked on the rangoli design, which featured her Corgi in the center of the design.

We also made sure to choose a better spot for the Maiyan because it had started raining and we didn’t want to do it in the rain or with a really bad backdrop, so I convinced everyone that this would be the best spot and it was because it was raining hard and would not have looked good.

Once everyone applies the turmeric based paste to the bride, she was able to go and shower and change and get ready for the Choora ceremony. This ceremony is moved indoors and we used her living room backdrop as the location for this ceremony.

The Choora (bangles) are placed on the bride by her maternal uncles and it can be quite emotional. The feeling of leaving the house, making this huge life decision can make a very teary eyed ceremony.

Once it is over though and the bride can smile and be happy again, we do a few more shots and call it a day! Usually the next day we have to be back at 5am so it is important for the bride and for us to get as much rest as possible.

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