Jolsna + George | Wedding at St. Dominic’s and Hotel Kabuki

We are thrilled to share Jolsna and George’s wedding on the blog today! We had the pleasure of photographing their wedding at St. Dominic’s church in San Francisco and Hotel Kabuki for the getting ready and reception!

Jolsna is so awesome! She was such a happy bride and was so easy to photograph. We had ample time to get lots of shots and no matter what we asked of her, she just did it and did it energetically! George was super awesome and chill too! He has a great personality and sense of humor and is an all around really nice guy.

One of my favorite shots is of Jolsna outside of the church when she had just arrived. I knew I wanted to capture a stunning photo of her that captured the beauty of the church and her veil blowing in the wind. I laid on the ground with a wide angle lens and got this splendid image.

St. Dominic’s Church is absolutely breathtaking. Their stained glass is amazing and was the perfect setting for their ceremony that was conducted by a Priest from Kerala.

After the ceremony, guests were taken around the city by trolley so they could experience the many sights of San Francisco. The bridal party got on one of the trollies as well, and we went to various spots for photos with the couple. On our last stop, we got a wonderful image of Jolsna and George in front of the ocean with the Golden Gate bridge in the background. It was the perfect spot to end with this sunset shot before heading back to Hotel Kabuki for the cocktail hour and reception.

The evening was elegant and included dinner, speeches, first dance, cake cutting and more. All the guests had a fabulous time and they danced the night away!

We are so happy Jolsna and George chose Wedding Documentary for their wedding photographers and we look forward to photographing more South Indian couple that follow the Catholic religion.

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