Kavita’s Mehndi by Ravie Kattaura

Kavita got her Mehndi done by the amazing Ravie Kattaura two days before the wedding. Ravie is an amazing Bay Area Mehndi Artist and has been doing Mehndi for a very long time. I remember when we started shooting Indian weddings, she was one of the first vendors I met. Throughout all these years we have worked together numerous times and have a great relationship!

Wedding Documentary travels throughout the Bay Area photographing and filming Indian events. We especially like capturing the bride getting her Mehndi because it is beautiful to capture it being done and it is the calm time before the busy day. It is also a time to get to know the bride’s family and meet her grandparents.

Photographing the Mehndi is one of our favorite events to shoot and we look forward to capturing Ravie Kattaura do Mehndi many more times in the future!


Wedding Documentary