Daman + Mantinder | Maiyan & Jaago

Our lovely couple did a combined Maiyan and Jaago at the bride’s home in Hayward, CA and it was a ton of fun!

The backyard was decorated with bright and beautiful colors for the Maiyan ceremony where the bride and groom sat next to one another and the families alternated doing the Haldi paste on the bride and then the groom until they were completely covered! Then the kids grabbed water guns with colored water and blasted them at the end!

While the couple showered and changed, the guests ate snacks until the Jaago portion of the evening started. For this, the DJ set up his speakers in the living room and outside so that the family could do the Jaago around the backyard and make their way inside for more open dancing at the end of the night!

Scroll through some of our favorite images below and if you are having a Sikh wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area, then give Wedding Documentary a call!

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