Snigdha’s Mehndi Night in Pleasanton

Snigdha got her beautiful Mehndi done at her parent’s house in Pleasanton two days before her wedding. She planned on getting more Mehndi done than most, actually getting it all the way up her arms and legs up to her knees. Ravie Kattaura, our dear friend, and amazing artist spent over eight hours completing the piece. We broke up our coverage into two parts. The first part documented the hands getting Mehndi, while the next segment captured more of her feet getting the Mehndi and also the party that they held later in the evening.

We loved capturing all their decorations, amazing food stations, and her lovable dog! We love animals and her dog is the coolest ever! He doesn’t even smell and when you say Bollywood actors names like Shahrukh Kahn, he tilts his head and makes the cutest expressions! That was endless fun. Oh yeah, forgot why we were there. We could have played with the dog for hours!

Snigdha’s Mehndi is definitely the most and best we have ever seen! We wanted to take full advantage of it by getting a ton of shots of her posing both indoors and out. It was during a heat wave and the temps were well above 100 degrees but that did not stop us! We love Snigdha so much and cannot wait to post more of her amazing wedding in some upcoming posts!

Thanks Myrium for doing such great makeup on Snigdha for all her events!