Chaitra + Harish | Indian Wedding Mountain Terrace

Mountain Terrace in Woodside is one of those great outdoor venues for Indian weddings in the Bay Area that is sort of off the grid. It is nestled in the mountains away from the suburbs and is a hidden gem.

Since Chaitra and Harish planned their wedding during the time of Covid 19, this proved to be an excellent outdoor space where all the festivities would take place.

We started the day with both the bride and groom arriving already completely ready. We had a couple of minutes to do some solo shots of them separately and then we did a first look so we could have that moment captured mainly for video but also makes a nice photo.

The property has many unique elements like huge redwood trees, a swing, and a large lawn. We incorporated all of these elements in their photos and we definitely focused on mostly candid images as that is the style Wedding Documentary is best known for in the Indian wedding community.

The guest list was mainly comprised of the couple’s friends since they are from India and all their relatives were back in India and unable to travel. Thankfully, since we offer live stream services, their friends and family back in India could watch the ceremony in real-time as it was happening.

After the ceremony we did photos with their friends and lunch was served on the patio, a few speeches were given and the couple thanked all of their guests. They ended the day with a little bit of dancing to celebrate.

If you are planning an Indian wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area and need help finding a venue, please use the Wedding Documentary blog to help you see what the venues are like. We hope our blog is a valuable resource for those planning a wedding to come and get inspiration!

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