Navneet + Mandeep | Santa Cruz Sikh Engagement Photo Shoot

One of the highlights of our year was photographing and filming Navneet and Mandeep’s wedding over 4 days over Labor Day weekend! As I was catching up with some blogging I realized that we created this post months ago and never posted it so I am posting now! But it’s perfect timing because we are about to post their wedding images next week!

We met up at the beautiful Wilder Ranch for our natural light session which included lots of great images near barns, cool trees, open fields, and more! We had a ton of fun laughing and basically just hanging out! Navneet brought her sister Puneet who was indispensable when it came to holding my light for me during the evening shots at Natural Bridges State Beach. I highly recommend bringing a friend or family member to your engagement session if you plan on wanting a lot of off camera flash type shots because then we can have an extra set of hands!

My all time favorite images were shot just beneath the tree filled with white flowers. We had the couple lay on the ground and I shot through the branches to create that beautiful depth. Then we also took a few flowers and made the petals fall on the couple for what almost looked like snow. It was beautiful and the first time I had ever tried anything like it. Overall, it was a nice chance to do something different since we went to places like Palace of Fine Arts easily 30+ times this year.

If you like these beautiful Santa Cruz Engagement Photos then stay tuned because their wedding images are to die for!!!












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