Navneet + Mandeep | Sikh Wedding at San Jose Gurdwara

One of the most awesome couples of our 2013 wedding season was Navneet and Mandeep! These guys are so chill, so loving, so real, that you want to just keep shooting their wedding over and over again! Fortunately, they had no shortage of events and we spend quite a bit of time documenting all their functions over Labor Day weekend.

The wedding preparations started early in the morning, as both the bride and groom prepared for the big day. We met up at the San Jose Gurdwara temple for their ceremony which lasted a couple hours including the Milni ceremony which is an exchange of garlands the family does prior to the wedding ceremony. Once the ceremony concluded we did our family and couple portraits and then they ate lunch and departed for the bride’s house. After some ceremonies at the bride’s house she left in what is known as a Doli and went to the groom’s house to be officially welcomed into his family.

Stay tuned as their wedding reception is coming right up!








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