Nida + Mueen | Valima Sheraton Cerritos, CA

Here is the fourth and final blog post from this beautiful Pakistani wedding that took us all the way from the Bay Area to Southern California! Here we are at the Sheraton Cerritos for the Valima (reception)!

We drove down from the Bay and made a little trip of it, hitting Disneyland for two days before! That was fun because we had not been there in over 10 years or so!

The reception started with the bride and groom getting ready in the same room, which was really convenient! While together, Mueen even steamed Nida’s dress and Nida helped Mueen put on his jacket.

Out front of the venue was a nice area for photos with white roses and a cool tile wall. We used off camera flash to bring out the detail in sky and keep great exposure on the bride and groom.

The event started with grand entrances of the two families, readings from the Koran, and speeches from their friends and family. After dinner there was open dancing and we captured all the festivities before calling it a night!

We enjoy these multi-day weddings because we get to know all the friends and family. We also get to shoot the couple in multiple outfits, in multiple places, or different days. Each event has its own vibe and schedule. For some events we can shoot one style, and for another event, we can change it up a bit.

We hope you have enjoyed all the posts from this Pakistani Muslim wedding and scroll through some of our favorites below!

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