Nilam + Anoop | Grah Shanti and Welcome Party

Nilam and Anoop’s beautiful Gujarati wedding was one of our highlights in 2016! They had four days worth of magical events with some of the pre events being held at the bride’s home in Scotts Valley, CA. For this

For this event, the bride and her family had the Grah Shanti, which consists of a Ganesh Pooja and Pithi ceremony among other steps. These rituals prevent obstacles from the wedding events but are also meant to bless the family and their home, as well as, send good luck to the bride and give her good luck in married life. The second portion is known as “Pithi” and is performed by aunts and friends who come and rub a turmeric paste on the bride which gives her skin a beautiful glow. It’s not only fun for the guests, it’s a lot of fun to take pictures of as well!

Once these rituals were completed, Nilam got ready for the evening welcome party. At this event, the groom and his family were welcomed by the bride’s family and guests socialized and ate food and had some nice performances for entertainment. The next day, the festivities would carry over to the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara where the wedding and reception were held.

Nilam and Anoop are an amazing couple and we really enjoyed working with them throughout all their events. Stay tuned for more of this beautiful wedding coming soon!

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