Puja + Keyur | Haldi & Choora Ceremony

Puja and Keyur had side by side Haldi/Pithi ceremonies and it was beautiful! Puja is North Indian Hindu and Keyur is Gujarati Hindu. Both do similar ceremonies with Turmeric paste the day before the wedding but in slightly different styles. It was great to capture both of them side by side at the same time and then capture both families together afterward!

Once the yellow paste was spread all over the bride and groom (their friends didn’t hold back), the bride and groom cleaned up for lunch, and then the groom’s family departed so the bride’s Choora ceremony could take place inside her living room. Puja’s uncles and aunts placed the wedding bangles and Kalira on her and the Priest conducted a Pooja to get a blessing from Ganesh.

The next event was their wedding and backyard reception! Stay tuned for their gorgeous wedding with decor by Flowers by Edgar!

Wedding Documentary