Rajul + Samir | Hindu Wedding at San Jose Fairmont Hotel

Rajul and Samir had a beautiful summer wedding at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel. We had such a fun time capturing them as they are very down to earth and real people. Rajul is so sweet and fun to be around and Samir is very relaxed and chill. Both are great dancers and had a wonderful group of friends and family on hand to celebrate with them for this special occasion.

The day began with prep shots in both the bride and groom’s hotel rooms. Once they were ready we did the “first look” in the hallway that connects the two towers. We love this hallway for the natural soft light it has, as well as, the privacy it gives couples for their first look.

After we got a few portraits of the bride and groom together the groom headed downstairs for the Baraat procession which leads him from around the block to the mandap for the ceremony. The ceremony was beautifully decorated and Rajul was carried in by her family members which made a spectacular entrance.

After the ceremony more photos were taken on the mandap and then the couple went to go change for the reception. Cocktail hour was the time we had to shoot their reception decor, as well as, take some portraits out and around the downtown area surrounding Fairmont. We really love the lighting at this time before sunset. It is soft and golden in color which is the most flattering light that one can have during a portrait session.

The reception was a blast as Rajul and Samir tore up the dance floor! We really love this couple so much and are so happy they gave us the honor of capturing their special day!

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