Raman’s Mehndi Night

We have been looking forward to blogging this amazing wedding for a long time! Even before their Sikh wedding we were so excited to see the images!

Raman and Raveen are an awesome couple we met a couple years back! Raman’s fiancee is actually a Dhol player (drummer) and we had worked together at other wedding and reception events in the past. When they told us they were getting married and wanted us to document their special events we were humbled!

Their three days of events started with the bride’s Mehndi night! At this event the bride, her family, and her friends get henna applied to their hands in preparation for the wedding events. The bride gets special henna up to her forearms and on her legs which will last for over a week and be its darkest on the actual wedding day.

The event was super chill and everyone was having a great time! Once the bride’s Mehndi was complete we took her outside for some photos using both natural light and off camera flash. That way we have a variety of looks and a ton of great images!

Below you will see some of our favorites and make sure to come back soon to see their Sangeet events, Wedding, and Reception!






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