Reina + Shan | Destination Indian Wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Reina and Shan continued their fabulous celebration at the Generations Resort in Riviera Maya on day #3 with their wedding and reception. This was the big day where the couple tied the knot on the venues covered pier, and then headed over to El Dorado where they had their reception in their ballroom.

The day was beautiful and we had perfect weather. The bride got ready at the spa at the El Dorado. Here they have a large and private bridal area where the bride and her bridesmaids can get ready in their very own salon. It was definitely an awesome space!

While the bride was getting ready, the groom was also getting dressed in his hotel room back at Generations resort. He and his groomsmen needed far less time to get ready so they went around the property to get portraits and even play a little basketball! His Baraat procession included Shan coming in on a horse and being greeted by the bride’s family close to the Mandap. A local Hari Krishna priest married on the couple on their stunning Mandap and Reina and Shan were declared husband and wife!

In just a few minutes we took all their family photos and then proceeded to head down to the beach to capture photos of the bride and groom with their bridal party. Again, being short on time we did not have too much time with the bride and groom as they needed to change for their reception so we quickly grabbed the best shots we could around El Dorado before they went to change and we headed to the ballroom to shoot decor and get ready for their grand entrance.

The reception had a ton of great speeches, more margaritas, and of course dancing! It is so great to see a large group of Indians enjoying country music just as much as the latest Bollywood hits! They partied late into the evening and had an after party back at Generations.

We loved the experience of being in Mexico with this great couple and being able to capture all these beautiful images. Reina and Shan hired us after looking at several different photographer’s portfolios all over the country. It is very humbling to know that after seeing so much work throughout the United States, they entrusted us to be part of their special day even without meeting us in person first.

Part of the reason we blog so much and share everything we shoot is because we want prospective clients to see exactly what we do and what they can expect to receive. The images you see on our blog are the exact images that the bride and groom receive. We think it is important for couples that are considering us to scroll through the countless posts of weddings we have shot and also read what we have written because we usually write a lot about the technical ideas behind what we do, as well as, some of the challenges that we face. Being transparent, open, and honest, is why so many couples trust us to capture the most important moment in their lives. They can see the passion come across in every assignment we do and we always strive to take our work to the next level.

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