Renu + Rohit | Backyard Wedding

During the pandemic of 2020, couples who wanted to get married had to usually do it at home. With the always-changing rules, lockdowns, and restrictions, having a small gathering at home seemed to be the safest bet.

Renu and Rohit had their wedding in Renu’s backyard. It was a simple, yet beautiful ceremony, and had all the traditions of a wedding that could have been much larger, but in a very intimate setting.

Even with all the precautions needed, Renu and Rohit had a beautiful wedding and they received several hundred timeless images that really capture the essence of who they are on their special day.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom arrived at the groom’s house to do some traditional Rajasthani games. We got some final portraits at Rohit’s house and we called it a day!

Scroll through to see some of our favorites below!

Wedding Documentary