Sabrina + Aman | San Jose Gurdwara Wedding

Sabrina and Aman had a gorgeous multi-day Sikh wedding this summer with the ceremony held at the San Jose Gurdwara. This is the best Gurdwara in the USA hands down!

Rather than wear the traditional red lengha, Sabrina chose to wear really beautiful and soft tones of mint and pink. It was a fresh and clean look that was great for the season their wedding took place in.

Okay story time….

A few years ago, let’s say before the Pandemic, we blogged a lot. It was how we would showcase each and every wedding for our portfolio and sort of thought of it like a digital wedding album that couples could also share with their family and friends without sending them a gallery of thousands of images.

During the Pandemic, everyone became enthralled with endlessly scrolling Instagram and blogging took a back seat. There were not very many weddings and they tended to be backyard intimate events and almost felt like almost too intimate to share with the rest of the world when there were literally less than 10 people at some of these events. So we stopped blogging and spent most our time posting to Instagram.

Now that the Pandemic is over, we are going through basically the last 2.5 years of events to blog about everything that has happened over the years. What I feel like is that Instagram started with the posting of single images, so rather than choose a “candid moment”, it made the most sense to post the image with the most wow factor and creativity behind it. This was cool in some ways because you get to see how many likes your favorite shot gets, but also pretty superficial because a wedding is not really made up of that many staged wow shots! A wedding, for the most part, is all candid and tries to capture the right moment, and the right emotions, and convey the feelings of that moment through an image.

Once ten images were allowed to be posted, we could sort of treat Instagram as a “mini-blog” so to speak, and post a variety of shots including candids and portraits. It was so easy to sort of forget about your website and entirely focus on this.

However, ten images still did not feel like enough. We then got reels where people could make slideshows and show sometimes several images or more than 100 images in a short amount of time. This also had some benefits, like we just posted a recap reel of 2022 and were able to show a ton of images in less than one minute.

Blogging though has a ton of benefits for wedding photographers. It helps brides see a lot of Bay Area weddings since we are located in the Bay Area and that is mostly what we shoot. They can see several Indian weddings throughout the Bay Area by simply coming to our blog. Brides can also find vendors that we link to in our posts, as well as, just get a lot of inspiration.

We like blogging for Search Engine Optimation (SEO) because, without a blog, there would be very little text for Google to see on our site. A blog fixes that by having lots of keywords for couples to be able to find us online.

And finally, a blog is like a diary. We discuss each wedding or event in great detail and often discuss certain shots in greater detail which is can be useful for potential customers or photographers alike to read.

We hope you find our blog enjoyable! Scoll through some of our favorite images below from Sabrina + Aman’s wedding!

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