Sandy’s Choora & Jaago | Airbnb San Jose

Sandy’s Choora and Jaago was a fun event and the second event of her multi-day wedding festivities. Sandy looked like the perfect Punjabi bride to be! Hair and makeup up by the very talented Hanifa Hashimi of CE Salon, she chose a voluminous fishtail braid for her hair and a perfect cut crease eye makeup for her jaago and choora look!

Her designer Sharara was by the very famous Poonam’s Kaurture, perfect peachy pale pink color with an exquisite dupatta! As Sandy walked out to greet us when we arrived, we were simply in awe! Prettiest bride to be at her jaago would be an understatement!

After some quick portrait shots of beautiful Sandy at golden hour, the night started with her choora event, Sandy wanted to use her mom’s kalirey as a part of paying homage to her mom and used the coconut and shells kalirey instead of the golden three-tiered kalirey for this event. A little history and tradition about the coconut kalirey for those who are curious, the tradition of kalire was to ensure that the bride does not remain hungry on her way back to her husband’s home, so her uncles would gift her a coconut on strings attached to her bangles! Fast Foward to 21 century, brides are definitely not left hungry 🙂 however the traditions are still respected and followed to this day and that to us is simply amazing and wonderful and therein lies the beauty of Indian Weddings!

We got some close-up details of this tradition and the coconut kalirey! Friends and family gathered around to sing and rejoice before the action picked up with some fun jaago music and lots of dancing under the stars!

The night ended with some more portraits of Sandy where we used off-camera flash lighting to create the images!

Scroll down to see some of our favorite shots from this event!

Mehndi by Hussain Maz

Dress by Poonam’s Kaurture

Jewelry by Chiffon Designs

Hair and Makeup by CE Salon


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