Sandy + Maninder | Big Basin Wedding Photoshoot

We shot Sandy and Maninder’s wedding and it was awesome, but typically there is not a lot of time to go somewhere fun on the wedding day! So because Sandy and Maninder love taking photos! We did an anniversary wedding photoshoot in Big Basin!

This spot was off the beaten path in a redwood grove and we had all the props to make a magical setting for the couple’s shoot!

We wanted a very vintage, filmic vibe, but still, be modern. More muted greens, softer contrast, and added “grain” for nostalgia.

The shoot was a ton of fun and ended with shots of the couple in front of their baby (ie. Porsche)!

Similar to an engagement shoot, bridal shoots are a great way to get images in your wedding attire and you can do them anytime either before your wedding day or after!

Wedding Documentary