Sandy + Maninder | Indian Wedding San Jose Gurudwara

Sandy and Maninder had an amazing multi-day wedding celebration. Sandy had the best of everything for all her events, from her favorite Louboutin Heels to custom designed lehenga by Well Groomed, all her jewelry came from the UK. We love her style and attention to detail and we were glad that we had the pleasure of permanently capturing these special moments for the couple.

The wedding day started bright and early at her residence in the luxurious neighborhood of The Ranch homes in San Jose! We got detail shots of her wedding dress the previous night at her Jaggo, rest of the details we shot in the morning while she was getting ready, once she was almost done with her makeup, we got shots of the last few makeup details by the beautiful window light.

Sandy looked absolutely stunning with flawless hair and makeup by Hanifa Hashimi of CE Salon.

We got our signature robe shots, girly robe shots with her bridesmaids, several bridal portraits after the lehenga and dupatta setting. Sandy had a vision and trusted us completely and we are happy that we brought her vision to fruition.

We continued with bridal portraits at the beautiful San Jose Gurudwara!

Maninder arrived in style in his 911 Porshe, followed by Milni and the beautiful Anand Karaj wedding ceremony, we especially loved her floral palla that was different and unique and something we had never seen before.

After the ceremony, we got romantic couple shots at the gurudwara and we also got a few shots at the Ranch before the couple proceeded to do Doli at Sandy’s house and the night ended at Maninder’s house with the welcoming of the bride and groom and fun and playful games. Sonic their pet dog was also a part of this and was very happy to see Sandy after a gap of few days! We got some cute shots of Sandy with Sonic!

Scroll down to see some of our favorite shots from this wedding!

Amazing vendors we had the pleasure of working with at this wedding!

Henna by  Mujahid Hussain

Lehenga – Well Groomed

Jewelry – Nusaybah Khan Bespoke Designer Jewelry

Shoe- Christian Louboutin

Decor- R&R Event Rentals

HMUA- Hanifa Hashimi Cutting Edge Salon

Floral Wedding Palla by PallaCraze

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