Rina + Josh | Portraits at Sangeet Night in New Jersey

December was a very busy month for us! We had a wedding every weekend and one of our favorites was Rina and Josh’s wedding in New Jersey! This was our first time capturing a wedding on the East Coast and it was so much fun! Since we have literally captured every single venue in the Bay Area and have worked with all of the vendors, it was refreshing to get out of the area and photograph something new.

Rina and Josh held their Sangeet night at a restaurant in Jersey about an hour a half away from where most of the guests were staying. Driving in New Jersey is interesting to say the least. I had never seen toll roads that asked for .50 cent payments made in exact change. In my car at home I always have change handy but in my rental car I did not, so a dollar bill it was instead of the exact .50 cents they wanted.

The hall was beautifully decorated and the bride and groom and their families were present for photos before guests arrived. We got a variety of shots with the couple and their parents and then friends started arriving and people mingled, ate appetizers, and had drinks. The night included a program of dances, skits, speeches, and more. Dancing finished off the evening and then it was a drive back to the hotel for me!

Stay tuned to see their stunning wedding images on the blog tomorrow and this Friday you will see their amazingly beautiful wedding film!

New Jersey_Sangeet_Photos_0001.jpg

New Jersey_Sangeet_Photos_0002.jpg

New Jersey_Sangeet_Photos_0003.jpg

New Jersey_Sangeet_Photos_0004.jpg

New Jersey_Sangeet_Photos_0005.jpg

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