Shiksha Indo-Fiji Haldi Ceremony

We worked with Shiksha and Jagveer all week over Thanksgiving 2023 and one of the bride’s home events was her Haldi ceremony. The ceremony is different from other types of Haldi events you see because of the Indo-Fijian twist!

There are also various parts of the ceremony for example, close family will come up and give gifts and received blessings from the bride’s parents. The band performing will call up various family members to come up and dance and it is highly entertaining. Finally, the grains the couple will pour into the fire during their Hindu wedding are popped by two aunts who continuously stir the grains.

Since the wedding was a fusion between Hindu and Sikh ceremonies, the bride did a Choora ceremony where her uncles placed the bangles on her wrists along with the Kalire.

Scroll through all the amazing images below of this beautiful Indo-Fijian Haldi ceremony in Hayward, CA.

Wedding Documentary