Shireen + Adil | Shaadi in Sacramento

Shireen and Adil’s wedding was amazing to say the least! They had three fun filled days of events starting with a Mehendi night in Pittsburgh, then a Shaadi ring ceremony event in Sacramento, and then finally a Valima on the third day in Concord. We had so much fun with Shireen as she loves the camera and is very photogenic. I like to think of Adil as like a Calvin Klein model. He has great serious expressions and has chiseled features that are really great in photographs.

The Doubltree in Sacramento is where there wedding event took place. We love this venue because of the nice tall ceilings and plentiful parking outside the ballroom for all our gear to unload! Also the cookies you get from the hotel registration are the bomb!

We had a ton of portraits, really nice family photos, and a ton of just bride and groom shots but here are some of our favorites below! Stay tuned for more coming up soon!