Shreya + Vik | Mehndi Night

Shreya and Vik’s wedding weekend was a blast! Earlier in the day we were at Shreya’s house for a Puja in the morning and then we came back later for her Mehndi. Shreya’s Mehndi was applied by the awesome Ravie Kattaura who did an outstanding job on the intricate design.

One of our favorite things to do is to get a ton of portraits of the bride with her freshly applied Mehndi. Not only is it dark and has lots of contrast which looks great in photos, it also has the glitter which is only there for the day the Mehndi is put on.

We captured a lot of fun shots of Shreya and Vik together in Shreya’s backyard and we even ended this blog post with one behind the scenes shot of me photographing the bride! Enjoy!

Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0023Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0020.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0002.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0003.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0004.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0007.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0006.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0009.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0008.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0010.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0011.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0012.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0013.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0014.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0017.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0018.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0016.jpg
Indian_Mehndi_Photos_San Jose_0019.jpg

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