Sikh Wedding Photos at San Jose Gurdwara

This beautiful couple had their wedding on the last day of 2013! That’s right! It was our last wedding of the year on December 31st. We started the day with the bride getting ready at a hotel and the groom getting ready at his home. Myrium made our bride gorgeous and I absolutely love this bride’s smile! She is so pretty and photographs so well!

I really like the artistic shots Ryan took of Amar putting on his own turban in the morning. Normally we see a relative wrapping the groom’s turban but this was cool to see the groom do it all by himself.

The weather was perfect and we got to the San Jose Gurdwara a little early to get some bridal portraits. Again, the beautiful bride rocked it and I was using one of Canon’s best telephoto lenses, the 300mm 2.8 IS. That lens was amazing and got the most crisp images and buttery bokeh.

The ceremony took place in the main hall and after the ceremony we did all the family photos and had lunch! The bride and groom left the temple and performed some rituals at the groom’s house and the day was done!

Our lovely couple will be moving to Chicago and we hope to see them back in California soon!

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