Nivi + Kousik | South Indian Wedding Livermore Hindu Temple

A temple we shoot at quite often is the Livermore Hindu Temple. We are there so much and are so experienced shooting there that we are the preferred vendor list and get hired all the time to shoot events there.

That is good because it the Livermore Hindu temple is the most beautiful Hindu temple in the Bay Area!

We start our days working here with shots of the couple. This is done while the families finish setting up the Mandap and all the preparations for the ceremony. Fortunately, we had a couple who was on time and we had great light so we got some amazing shots in the morning and it wasn’t too cold or anything.

The ceremony has a strict schedule because of all the auspicious times that need to be met so only can spend so long in the morning getting these shots before we have to go inside for the start of the ceremony.

For all the portraits we did various color grades on the images but when it came to the ceremony we left those true to life realistic edits. We can also color grade all those to be like the portraits but who knows what family members may think if all the shots are graded in such a way that they may not understand and wonder why they look like that.

The Iyengar style ceremony has several steps and we capture it from various angles to really show off how beautiful it is.

After the ceremony the families come up on the Mandap for photos and guests eat lunch and the couple visits with them. For the final part of the ceremony, the couple plays games on stage and has various things to do with one another that make for some funny and memorable light hearted moments between the bride’s side and groom’s side.

If you are having a traditional South Indian wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area I think you will see Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema has a lot of experience capturing these events! We are South Indian ceremony experts! Thanks for stopping by!

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