Welcoming Reception | Atherton

Today we are sharing something a little different that we shot in the Fall. It was a welcoming reception party for a couple that got married in Italy and then came home to have a party with their friends at the groom’s parents house. It was very much like a cocktail party, but also was like a reception in that they had a couple speeches, performances, and even a little Garba.
When I arrived I knew this was going to be a great shoot! The decor was amazing and the weather and lighting were perfect. I only met the couple a few minutes before they walked in for their grand entrance so I did a few shots with them in the street before they entered.
Once they came in the bride stepped in red kumkum and put her footprints on paper and then they proceeded to play some games, which officially welcomed her into the family.

After some family portraits there was amazing food and performances by friends. It was a really fun evening and I am glad they had us be a part of it.

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