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Jenny + Harman | South American Sikh Fusion Wedding at UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens

We have shot many Sikh weddings but I admit this was our first fusion wedding that included a South American bride and Sikh groom. Their wedding was a non denominational ceremony that took place in the old rose garden at UC Berkeley’s botanical gardens.

This was my first time here but it won’t be my last! It was very beautiful and had a plethora of trails all over the place. Each section has plant species from a different part of the world and their collection definitely includes plants from all corners of the globe.

As a surprise to the groom, Jenny wore a beautiful cream and magenta lengha in honoring Harman’s culture. She looked stunning and I could not tell her apart from any of our desi brides.

The wedding was the bride and groom’s closest family and friends and the ceremony lasted less than 20 minutes. Prior to their wedding we did a “first look” with the bride and groom and then did family portraits immediately after the wedding.

We hope you enjoy these beautiful fusion wedding photographs and please drop us a line and tell us what you think!


Parul + Sameer | Engagement Shoot at Ghirardelli Square

As we get closer and closer to the end of the year we are looking forward to our Fall weddings! We know that we are going to have a blast working with Parul and Sameer for their events over Thanksgiving!

We met up with Parul and Sameer for their engagement shoot at Ghirardelli Square which is a wonderful spot because there is lots of brick work, nice benches, and did I mention chocolate???

Parul had a ton of ideas and brought props including this cute P.S. I love you pin that we had on top of the sundae. We also used Scrabble blocks to write out the word “FOREVER” using her engagement ring as the “O”. Finally, during the beach portion of our shoot at Baker Beach we had the “LOVE” pillows which made for a really cool overhead shot that I think is quite unique.

A big thanks to the Cable Car driver that let us get a ton of great shots while he was parked. That was the highlight of the shoot for us!

We cannot wait to share in their special day soon! Scroll down and check out some of our favorites and please leave us a comment if you love the pics!

San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0017.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0018.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0019.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0020.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0021.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0022.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0023.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0024.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0025.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0026.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0027.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0028.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0029.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0030.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0031.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0032.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0033.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0034.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0035.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0036.jpg

Pooja + Anuj | San Francisco Indian Engagement Photos

Recently we had the wonderful opportunity to do a shoot with Pooja and Anuj in San Francisco at two beautiful locations, Palace of Fine Arts and Baker Beach!

We are super excited for their events next month partly because Pooja lives down the street from me! That’s right, I can literally walk to her house to photograph her pre-events!

In all seriousness, these two are very cute together and have great chemistry. We had a lot of fun walking around the Palace and getting a variety of unique poses. We also loved how even though it was a little cold at the beach they were not afraid to get their feet wet in the ocean. That made for some great candid shots and are some of our favorites.

We look forward to sharing in their special day at the Santa Clara Marriott and hope you come back to view their beautiful wedding photographs!


Sabrina + Khalil | San Francisco Engagement Photos

Sabrina and Khalil came all the way from Canada for their E-Session a couple weeks ago. We were so excited to take them around and show them some of the most beautiful spots in San Francisco and get to know them at the same time! We picked them up at their hotel and then we headed to Palace of Fine Arts. Sabrina had seen our blog and all the shots we capture at this stunning location and wanted something similar. We got lucky with a picture perfect day! The day before was pouring rain so we rescheduled and were so happy we did.

After Palace of Fine Arts we headed over to Baker Beach where we could capture some images of the Golden Gate. Again, even during the day, the light was gorgeous and the clouds made the perfect backdrop for these romantic portraits. With their change of clothing they got both formal/Indian style, and formal American style.

This was Khalil’s first trip to San Francisco. It was definitely cool to take them around and see his reaction to the bridge and everything else that we may take for granted since we live close by. I learned to always look at things with a fresh pair of eyes and always try to notice something new. That always helps me stay interested and always yearning to learn and discover more about my surroundings.

After the shoot we brought them back to their hotel so they could enjoy the rest of their day before heading that evening to the airport to catch a flight back to Canada.

If you would like to book a sight-seeing engagement photo shoot session in the San Francisco Bay Area give us a call or email and we would be happy to explain our affordable options for getting stunning photographs in California’s greatest city!




San Francisco City Hall Indian Hindu Wedding

We recently did photo and cinema of a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at San Francisco’s City Hall. City Hall is definitely one of our favorite wedding venues. The building is gorgeous and finest example of Beaux art style with elements of French, Roman and Greek design.

The exquisite wedding decor was by floramor. Regal Peacock was the inspiration and theme of the decor. The Mandap by Avasar Mandap was set up in the ceremonial Rotunda. The floor of the Rotunda features an intricate design and is made out of Tennessee pink marble. The second floor  hallway is constructed in elegant, neutral stone and marble, with fine architectural details  making it an ideal photographic setting. We got some beautiful portrait shots of the bride and the couple in the north side of hallway that surrounds the Rotunda.

The groom arrived on the traditional white horse followed by dancing and singing by friends and family. The blushing bride walked to the mandap under a crisscross veil of beautiful flowers carried by her brother and friends. She wore a traditional red lehenga and groom wore white sherwani for the wedding ceremony.

In honor of  the 49ers making the playoffs, San Francisco City Hall donned red and yellow lights, as the city showed off it’s pride in the 49ers, we got great one of a kind portrait shots.

Our stunning Bride changed into a beautiful teal, black and pearl white color palette lehenga and needless to say she looked beautiful. The groom looked sharp in his suit with a dash of teal to match his bride’s lehenga on his vest and bowtie. The couple walked down the grand staircase leading to the rotunda for their grand entrance.

The beautiful peacock cake by notjustcheesecakes was a work of art featuring an exquisite peacock with gold filigree work on the feathers.

Friends and family had special choreographed dance performances for the couple making it an an unforgettable tribute for their wedding!

San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0012.jpg

San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0011.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0013.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0001.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0003.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0004.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0005.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0038.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0008.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0002.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0007.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0009.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0010.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0014.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0015.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0016.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0017.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0018.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0019.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0020.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0021.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0036.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0024.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0023.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0022.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0035.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0027.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0028.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0029.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0030.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0031.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0032.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0033.jpg
San_Francisco_City _Hall_Indian_Wedding_Photos_0037.jpg

Navneet + Mandeep | Wedding Reception at San Francisco City View Metreon

Navneet and Mandeep had one amazing wedding weekend! The finale took place at City View at the Metreon in San Francisco. This was our first time shooting there and it was phenomenal. It was the perfect venue for guests to enjoy cocktail hour out on the patio and take in the city views! It was also a great place to have our Same Day Edit film shown, which ended with the bride and groom’s grand entrance. It was amazing!

The night included a cake cutting, speeches, a ton of dancing, and basically people hanging out all over this gorgeous and huge venue!

Scroll through and check out some of our favorites and check back often for more beautiful weddings!

San_Francisco_Reception_0001 San_Francisco_Reception_0002 San_Francisco_Reception_0003 San_Francisco_Reception_0004 San_Francisco_Reception_0005 San_Francisco_Reception_0006 San_Francisco_Reception_0007 San_Francisco_Reception_0008

Neha + Neelav | Hindu Wedding at Westin St. Francis Union Square

We hope you have been loving all of our recent blog posts! Today we have something really special to share!

Neha and Neelav’s wedding took place at the gorgeous Westin St. Francis which is located in the heart of Union Square in San Francisco, CA. Neha’s parents planned a lavish and elegant affair that spanned three days with the final day being at this historic venue.

Neha prepared for the big day in her bridal suite with the amazing Christal doing her hair and makeup. Meanwhile, Neelav got ready in his room before seeing Neha for the first time for their first look! Once we got some portraits Neelav went downstairs with his groomsmen for the Baraat procession that made its way around the building and outside where thousands of tourists, shoppers, and onlookers took photos and watched in amazement. It’s always great to see the double decker tour buses filled with tourists who get to catch a glimpse of this beautiful cultural event. They seem to really get a kick out of it.

All the guests were ushered to the 64th floor where the ceremony took place. Neelav went to the Mandap first for the Ganesh Pooja and then Neha came down the aisle and they exchanged Garlands and performed the various rituals outlined in Hindu marriage tradition.

Once the ceremony was over time was tight but we managed to get the couple outside for some portraits around Union Square. This was my favorite part of the day as we were able to get some nice action shots of the couple walking, talking, and just having fun. I did not want to photograph this wedding and not come away with some shots like these.

Cocktail hour was beautifully decorated and our Wedding Documentary team did an excellent job of capturing cocktail hour, while at the same time, capturing candid shots of guests and ballroom decor in the next room.

Again, once the bride and groom were ready we took them outside for some dramatic nighttime portraits which I think a lot of our couples know and love about our work. These are also some of my favorites because we got to do some off camera flash lighting and include some natural elements like the Christmas tree in the square etc.

Neha and Neelav’s reception was action packed with speeches, performances, skits, and even comedy. We captured all the guests, all the unseen little details that you want to remember forever, and did it with both photo and cinema for an entire experience that we know this couple will never want to forget.

Scroll down to see just a handful of our favorite images. There were so many more but we wanted to share just a few with you here!


Simi + Aneil San Francisco Fairmont Indian Wedding Reception

We are excited to share Simi and Aneil’s wedding reception images today on the blog from the lovely San Francisco Fairmont! They had a gorgeous event that was put together by the amazing Amrit from Anais Events. Never have we seen such a gorgeous ballroom so beautifully decorated. The event went off perfectly with a special love story video that we presented prior to the bride and groom’s grand entrance.

Family and friends gave speeches and instead of a cake, they had Macaroons! Coldstone Creamery made ice cream sundaes for guests and there were 3 chocolate fountains with different types of chocolates. To spice things up there was a Bhangra performance and then the dance floor opened up and the guests danced the night away!

Throughout the evening we had images from their pre events playing on the projectors to share with their guests the images from their events immediately. It was great to see all the reactions of the people in the images because they could not believe they were seeing images from just the day before.

All in all, this was one of the most special events we have ever photographed and we are so honored to have been part of Simi and Aneil’s special day. We are also truly blessed that their events were published in Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style online magazine.

Scroll through and be sure to leave some comments for us below!












Neelima + Brian | Fusion Wedding at Bently Reserve

We are so pleased to share Neelima and Brian’s wedding photographs on the blog today! Yesterday we featured their wedding highlights reel and now you get to see the images!

Everything was perfectly set up thanks to our bride Neelima who is an Event Coordinator herself. BluePrint Studios did a fabulous job designing the decor and making the evening so beautiful.

After the bride and groom were ready we headed down to the steps of the Bently Reserve for the “first look” and then headed inside for their legal ceremony. After which they had a Hindu ceremony and then a reception immediately following. We have so many beautiful images it was hard to select our keepers and especially to do this blog post!

Some takeaways for other brides can be the following!

#1. Wear something cute and sassy before getting into your traditional wedding attire. We can get some amazing photos of you with your hair and makeup that you and your husband will love! As you can see from the images below! They are gorgeous!

#2. Get a nice hotel room with natural light! We can’t stress this one enough. Having natural light will make or break the quality of your images and with nice light, comes nice photos. As a reminder, we also turn off all fluorescent lights when we enter a hotel room for this reason. We don’t like green/yellow light.

#3.Do a first look! Before the ceremony we were able to do some bride and groom portraits and family photos. We had no time after the ceremony so do that early!

We hope you enjoy the images and please email us if you would like us to document your special day!


Hindu Wedding at the Palace Hotel San Francisco

We are excited to share the Hindu wedding photos from this gorgeous wedding that took place just a few weeks ago at the Palace Hotel in downtown San Francisco. This historic venue has beautiful architecture and one of the nicest ballrooms in the entire city! Guests are mesmerized by the detailed gold embellishments, as well as, the hundreds of panes of glass that allow natural light in during the day.

We started our day with some establishing shots of the venue and the bride getting ready. Sameer, the groom, did not come for a few hours so we had plenty of time to work with the bride. Her suite was really large and had gorgeous light so it was easy to get all our detail shots of her jewelry and bridal portraits. Shveta is very beautiful and has large almond shaped eyes. She was definitely easy to get amazing shots of!

The Baraat was the highlight of the day! They had a traditional band with horns and dhol, as well as, a Bhangra dance group that led the procession down the street in San Francisco. It was awesome and when I looked up at all the skyscrapers, there were a ton of people watching from their offices and apartments and even dancing!

The wedding ceremony took place under a beautiful Mandap and after the ceremony the bride and groom were greeted by their guests and we had a few minutes for photos before they had to get ready for the reception.

The reception included an amazing dinner, slideshow, speeches, a couple performances, and lots of dancing! The day was amazing and we are so excited for these two and cannot wait to photograph more beautiful Indian weddings at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.


Monica + Devang | San Francisco Engagement Shoot

Last week we had an amazing Engagement Photo Shoot in San Francisco with a beautiful couple! Monica and Devang were dressed to impress when we met at the Palace of Fine Arts, one of San Francisco’s most stunning architectural marvels that was originally constructed to host the World Fair.

My goal when photographing Engagements is just to jump in and have fun! We start with the warm up shots and rather than “pose people” I get them to “do things”. This makes the experience way more enjoyable and gets them loose and ready for anything! We walked around all the great spots and came away with a variety of images that I think work perfectly for these two!

After the Palace of Fine Arts we headed to my all time favorite beach for engagement photo shoots in San Francisco, Baker Beach. This spot has excellent views, free parking, and easy beach access so we can quickly get our shots as it gets cold quickly! Before heading to the sand, I love photographing in front of the old iron doors that were once part of a fort that secured the edge of the city. The stairs make the perfect spot for a couple to sit on for a few shots and we got some touching moments there before heading down to the beach!

I absolutely love the beach! I could shoot there everyday and always be happy and never get bored! I make it fun for our couples even if it is cold, as you can see in the photos, Monica and Devang had a great time even though they could not feel their toes! Adding some B+W images here makes a really nice timeless feel. I think 20 years from now these images will even become more powerful!

One of the things I like to do most during an engagement shoot is shoot around sunset and right after! That’s how I can pull out those beautiful rich dark blue skies, while using light to highlight the couple and make a dreamy effect. We shot around their home near the Embarcadero and got some unique shots at places I had never photographed before. We then went down to the bridge where we captured the beauty of the moonlight reflecting off the water and Monica and Devang enjoyed a dance together. It was much nicer on this side of the city and less windy! My light stand only fell over once!

Our final stop was the steakhouse at the water’s edge that graciously allowed us to grab a few shots (and a drink) before we called it a day! My LED light came in very handy as I did not want to overpower the beautiful ambient light with flash. The kiss of tungsten LED light was just perfect in this scenario and the final shot is another one of my favorites! I absolutely love the look in Monica’s eyes.

We are super excited for their wedding that will take place over Memorial Day Weekend in San Francisco so stay tuned for that in the coming months!


San Francisco Indian Engagement Photo Session

San Francisco is one of our favorites places to do Engagement Photo Sessions prior to our client’s weddings. It gives us an opportunity to spend some time with our couples because the wedding day usually has so much going on that we don’t get an opportunity to really slow it down and have more conversations while shooting.

In this engagement session we went to Golden Gate Park out in front of the Japanese Tea Garden and in front of the De Young Museum. We also did a few images in front of a rustic barn which I loved and a few other places. We narrowed the images down to about 200 that were great and then chose our personal favorites for this blog post! Scroll down and enjoy the images!

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